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61 Forest Street Castlemaine

Master Switch – Lights
Turn off all the lights in the apartment with one flick of this switch as you leave via the front door. No need to rush around turning off individual lights, better still, when you return home you can fully illuminate your home with one switch flick.

Safety Night light
This is a subdued LED light under the bathroom vanity basin that illuminates the floor throughout the night in the event that you use the bathroom.

Laundry Sensor Light
The laundry light will activate as soon as you open the door allowing you to have your hands full of intended washing!

Light Dimmers
All the recessed ceiling lights throughout the apartment have a dimming function. The kitchen suspended bench light has a dimming function and three mood options of ‘warm’, natural or ‘cool’ light.

Ensuite Bathroom mirror
The vanity basin mirror contains a ‘halo’ light and demister.

TV & Internet Connections
Cable and aerial outlets are installed on at least two walls of every room allowing maximum flexibility when locating the TV bed, or office facilities.

Acoustic Insulation
A special acoustic ‘i-core Wallboard’ has been installed in the party walls between the units to eliminate any noise between the homes. The unique inner windows installed inside the heritage windows eliminate the external noise from the street. These are double hung sashless windows of 7mm Hushlam laminated glass with UV resistant film. They will retain heat in winter and substantially reduce the heat of summer due to the ‘double glazing’ effect of the two windows.

Broom storage Cupboard
A convenient cupboard is located in the front porch accommodating anything from wet weather gear to brooms, gardening tools or clothes dryer.





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1 & 2 bedroom multi-level residencies in a rejuvenated 1800’s heritage building int he heart of Castlemaine.

Goldfields Apartments
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